Sunday, 28 March 2010

Grand Vintage Ball inspiration (part one)

Last week I happened across an advert for something called The Grand Vintage Ball. This was a very exciting find for three reasons:
1) I love vintage and vintage style clothes and accessories
2) It's at The Rivoli Ballroom, one of my favourite places in the world
3) It falls on one of my best friends' birthday, and she is a vintage vixen!

Obviously, my outfit is all important! Authentic vintage clothes rarely fit me well, so I'm going to look at vintage style pieces. Having had a good think, three eras are open to me and my shape, and I'll show them in this and the next two posts.

First up.....
1920's - flapper fashion! describes flapper fashion thus:
"The costume history image in our minds of a woman of the 'Roaring Twenties' is actually likely to be the image of a flapper. Flappers did not truly emerge until 1926.  Flapper fashion embraced all things and styles modern.  A fashionable flapper had short sleek hair, a shorter than average shapeless shift dress, a chest as flat as a board, wore make up and applied it in public, smoked with a long cigarette holder, exposed her limbs and epitomised the spirit of a reckless rebel who danced the nights away in the Jazz Age."

That's definitely a bit of me! Except for the cigarette...maybe I could have a chocolate one?

This dress from Goddiva is perfect, at only £35!

(not sure why this is blurry...check it out on their website!)

I'd wear it with headpiece like this headband/fascinator from PegasusMaiden's Etsy shop ($32 approx. £21.31)

And maybe some long beads, like these ones - £4 from New Look

Completing the look with some black mary-jane or t-bar shoes. I love these by Miss KG -  £50 from
So what would do you think to this outfit? Let me know below!


Sunday, 21 March 2010

Gorgeous jewellery ahoy!

This week I took delivery of my new favourite piece of jewellery...

(Photo from Lanyapi)

How gorgeous is that?! actually works!! I've always had a penchant for the nautical, so this really floats my boat.

Readers, you really need to check out Lanyapi's shop on Etsy, because it's truly full of treasures. And, in my opinion, they're very reasonably priced, with free shipping at the moment, too!

You can read Lanyapi's blog here

Or follow Lanyapi on Twitter

I can guarantee you won't regret it!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Shoes by Melissa? They must be good!

Buying shoes is difficult for me; so many beautiful designs, and so many I can't wear. For one thing, I can't walk in heels over two inches (how boring!), and for a second I'm vegetarian (no leather or suede, thanks!).  So I'm always on the look out for flat-ish shoes that look great, and are kind to our four-legged friends.

One day, whilst reading a magazine, I happened across an article about a shoe brand called Melissa. As that's my name too, I took the time to read it, and I was so glad I did! Melissa Plastic Dreams make shoes from recycled plastic, creating ecologically sound footwear, whilst also supporting the underprivileged women and children of Brazil. Check out Melissa's profile for more information on their work.

They have a vast array of gorgeous styles, available in shops and across the web. Here are a few of my favourites...

I've been wearing these flocked brogues an awful lot. They seem to go with jeans, trousers, skirts, dresses, shorts...everything! They have a very British Mod feel to them, and make me want to go and buy a bowler hat! Well worth the £65 from

I love the print inside these 'Little Prince' sandals, which really adds to the "grown up little girl" aesthetic. And you can wear them with pretty much anything! Get them for £60 at
These Campana sandals are destined to become my summer staple. They remind me of sparkly Curly Wurlys! Also in gold glitter or black, priced £50 from
If I had the cash, these 'Ultragirl' Swarovski pumps would be ultimate evening shoe. My inner Magpie is cawing with desire! Alas, these are available for £200 from, so I need to do a bit of saving up!

Melissa have also collaborated with one of my all-time favourite designers, the magnificent Vivienne Westwood!

I adore these little ankle boot/wellies, which are perfect for this time of year. The colour is beautiful too! Though they also come in black and red. These are £75 from

Of course, if I could wear any of Melissa's shoes it would be these (£110 from

But I'm more than happy to stick with their gorgeous flats for now!

Friday, 12 March 2010

Wardrobes from Wonderland

As promised, here's my take on the myriad Alice in Wonderland clothes out there at the moment. These are all pieces directly related to AiW, and not pieces to create an Alice look. That's been done a million and one times lately, and I doubt I could do better right now! So here are some tees for your perusal.

Of course, Disney has weighed in on the t-shirt market, but I can't say I'm too impressed...despite being a lifelong Burton obsessive. There are few people who could carry off the glaring oppressive red of this Queen of Hearts design...

(Photo from

Though maybe I'm just jealous of people who can wear red without looking tomato faced!

Then there's the Mad Hatter design...

(Photo from

Like most women, I'd love to have Johnny Depp all over my chest, but I don't think this is the best way to achieve that goal!

If I were going to go for Disney merchandise, I'd opt for this more muted, intricate design. Especially with the flower's very detailed face

(Photo from

All of these items can be found at, all priced £12

However, in my humble opinion, there are far better designs to be found!

Junk Food are one of the perennial t-shirt manufacturers, and their popularity is well deserved. Whether reuniting us with childhood television loves, or letting us feel like a superhero (pants outside trousers are optional), Junk Food cater for pretty much everyone.

Their current Alice in Wonderland range uses much more classic illustrations and designs, shying away from the nightmarish, acid-dipped Burton way of things. They actually seem to lend themselves to the message of the film more, to me at least.

I adore this surreal design, with Alice wearing a White Rabbit mask. Cups of tea always seem to say the same thing to me :)

(Photo from

This Cheshire Cat tee is simply smile-inducing...

(Photo from

Both of these are available from, priced £24.99

My absolute favourite, though, is this fine long-sleeved t-shirt (which happily resides in my wardrobe!)

(Photo from

This almost fits with the "underwear as outwear" trend, as it has something of a thermal feel to it. The sleeves are lacy, it's a lovely cream colour (I don't do well in harsh white), and the print is exquisite! I'm yet to find it in the UK, so I snapped mine up from Anonymous Venice for $30 (current GBP conversion £19.87)

While Junk Food might rule the rabbit hole, they have one brand hot on their tail in the desirability stakes.

As I wandered around Urban Outfitters with my lovely friend Lou, I fell a little bit in love with some tops by Truly Madly Deeply.

My most lusted-after design is this cute v-neck (£25)

(Photo from

I love the neckline, and the scattered text. Not to mention to ink and pen style illustration. I'd wear it with a snuggly black cardigan, denim shorts and tights. It could pull off dainty shoes, ankle boots, or biker boots.

Then there's this gorgeous Alice and flamingo croquet design (£28)

(Photo from

The not-quite-3/4-length sleeves make a nice change, and image feels so summery. I can imagine it being worn to summer garden parties with a shorter length skirt - denim or tutu maybe...?(though please refrain from bird and hedgehog cruelty!).

Want some warmer for this unpredictable weather? How about this White Rabbit sweatshirt (£35)?

(Photo from

All Truly Madly Deeply items can be found at Urban Outfitters.

Wow, there's more temptation out there than teapots on the Mad Hatter's table! Hope you find something to tickle your fancy...!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Adornments from Wonderland

Last week, Tim Burton brought 'Alice in Wonderland' firmly back to the foreground of the public consciousness. Of course, as with all big films (especially those funded by Disney), a glut of merchandise has appeared throughout the world of retail. Unfortunately, most of it isn't worth the shopping bag it's carried in, but there are some fantastic pieces to be found if you look down the right rabbit holes...

My absolute favourite piece is this Tom Binns for Disney Couture Mad Hatter necklace/wallet chain...

The perfect way to show that adults can let their imaginations run free, too. Or just celebrate the wonder of the Mad Hatter! It is a little pricey, but the detail in it is incredible, and it feels magical to wear. I got mine from Accessories Online for £146

I also love this ring from the Disney Couture collection:
It has a lovely, chunky feel, without being too obtrusive. The ring is also adjustable, which makes it a perfect gift (my mum certainly loved hers!).

And this Red Queen 'Off With Their Heads' necklace is gorgeous! It doubles as a brooch, too. Twice as nice!
(Both the ring and the necklace brooch are also available from Accessories Online)

But Disney aren't been the only ones to get in with Alice.

I've been a huge fan of Hoolala's jewellery for several years now, and my necklace stands and trinket boxes are full to bursting with her beautiful, unusual designs. Amongst my collection is a wonderful one-of-a-kind Alice in Wonderland piece. While you can't buy that, there are plenty more Alice pieces to be snapped up. Such as this Hoolala 'Down the Rabbit Hole' charm bracelet (£58) from Hannah Zakari
(Photo from Hannah Zakari)

Or, you can visit Hoolala's shop on Etsy here for all of her beautiful Alice in Wonderland pieces.

And how about this gorgeous Eclectic Eccentricity teapot and dormouse necklace?
Get it here for £36.50


(photo from Eclectic Eccentricity)

This Swarovski 'White Rabbit' pendant necklace has something of the minimalist cool about it at £97.

There are so many beautiful Alice inspired pieces to be found out there, more than I could fit into this post. It's well worth scouting around.

Next time - Alice clothes!

Mel x