Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Adornments from Wonderland

Last week, Tim Burton brought 'Alice in Wonderland' firmly back to the foreground of the public consciousness. Of course, as with all big films (especially those funded by Disney), a glut of merchandise has appeared throughout the world of retail. Unfortunately, most of it isn't worth the shopping bag it's carried in, but there are some fantastic pieces to be found if you look down the right rabbit holes...

My absolute favourite piece is this Tom Binns for Disney Couture Mad Hatter necklace/wallet chain...

The perfect way to show that adults can let their imaginations run free, too. Or just celebrate the wonder of the Mad Hatter! It is a little pricey, but the detail in it is incredible, and it feels magical to wear. I got mine from Accessories Online for £146

I also love this ring from the Disney Couture collection:
It has a lovely, chunky feel, without being too obtrusive. The ring is also adjustable, which makes it a perfect gift (my mum certainly loved hers!).

And this Red Queen 'Off With Their Heads' necklace is gorgeous! It doubles as a brooch, too. Twice as nice!
(Both the ring and the necklace brooch are also available from Accessories Online)

But Disney aren't been the only ones to get in with Alice.

I've been a huge fan of Hoolala's jewellery for several years now, and my necklace stands and trinket boxes are full to bursting with her beautiful, unusual designs. Amongst my collection is a wonderful one-of-a-kind Alice in Wonderland piece. While you can't buy that, there are plenty more Alice pieces to be snapped up. Such as this Hoolala 'Down the Rabbit Hole' charm bracelet (£58) from Hannah Zakari
(Photo from Hannah Zakari)

Or, you can visit Hoolala's shop on Etsy here for all of her beautiful Alice in Wonderland pieces.

And how about this gorgeous Eclectic Eccentricity teapot and dormouse necklace?
Get it here for £36.50


(photo from Eclectic Eccentricity)

This Swarovski 'White Rabbit' pendant necklace has something of the minimalist cool about it at £97.

There are so many beautiful Alice inspired pieces to be found out there, more than I could fit into this post. It's well worth scouting around.

Next time - Alice clothes!

Mel x


Anonymous said...

What a lovely first post Mel. Im always here to help you

Rachel x

Vicky said...

A great post - welcome to the world of blogging!

Amy said...

Great first post and loved the accessories, especially that necklace, wish I could afford it haha.
I'm very intrigued by the Alice clothes blog!

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