Friday, 12 March 2010

Wardrobes from Wonderland

As promised, here's my take on the myriad Alice in Wonderland clothes out there at the moment. These are all pieces directly related to AiW, and not pieces to create an Alice look. That's been done a million and one times lately, and I doubt I could do better right now! So here are some tees for your perusal.

Of course, Disney has weighed in on the t-shirt market, but I can't say I'm too impressed...despite being a lifelong Burton obsessive. There are few people who could carry off the glaring oppressive red of this Queen of Hearts design...

(Photo from

Though maybe I'm just jealous of people who can wear red without looking tomato faced!

Then there's the Mad Hatter design...

(Photo from

Like most women, I'd love to have Johnny Depp all over my chest, but I don't think this is the best way to achieve that goal!

If I were going to go for Disney merchandise, I'd opt for this more muted, intricate design. Especially with the flower's very detailed face

(Photo from

All of these items can be found at, all priced £12

However, in my humble opinion, there are far better designs to be found!

Junk Food are one of the perennial t-shirt manufacturers, and their popularity is well deserved. Whether reuniting us with childhood television loves, or letting us feel like a superhero (pants outside trousers are optional), Junk Food cater for pretty much everyone.

Their current Alice in Wonderland range uses much more classic illustrations and designs, shying away from the nightmarish, acid-dipped Burton way of things. They actually seem to lend themselves to the message of the film more, to me at least.

I adore this surreal design, with Alice wearing a White Rabbit mask. Cups of tea always seem to say the same thing to me :)

(Photo from

This Cheshire Cat tee is simply smile-inducing...

(Photo from

Both of these are available from, priced £24.99

My absolute favourite, though, is this fine long-sleeved t-shirt (which happily resides in my wardrobe!)

(Photo from

This almost fits with the "underwear as outwear" trend, as it has something of a thermal feel to it. The sleeves are lacy, it's a lovely cream colour (I don't do well in harsh white), and the print is exquisite! I'm yet to find it in the UK, so I snapped mine up from Anonymous Venice for $30 (current GBP conversion £19.87)

While Junk Food might rule the rabbit hole, they have one brand hot on their tail in the desirability stakes.

As I wandered around Urban Outfitters with my lovely friend Lou, I fell a little bit in love with some tops by Truly Madly Deeply.

My most lusted-after design is this cute v-neck (£25)

(Photo from

I love the neckline, and the scattered text. Not to mention to ink and pen style illustration. I'd wear it with a snuggly black cardigan, denim shorts and tights. It could pull off dainty shoes, ankle boots, or biker boots.

Then there's this gorgeous Alice and flamingo croquet design (£28)

(Photo from

The not-quite-3/4-length sleeves make a nice change, and image feels so summery. I can imagine it being worn to summer garden parties with a shorter length skirt - denim or tutu maybe...?(though please refrain from bird and hedgehog cruelty!).

Want some warmer for this unpredictable weather? How about this White Rabbit sweatshirt (£35)?

(Photo from

All Truly Madly Deeply items can be found at Urban Outfitters.

Wow, there's more temptation out there than teapots on the Mad Hatter's table! Hope you find something to tickle your fancy...!


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This is probably too long...Oops!

Anonymous said...

I love all of these, I have a vest from Miss Selfridge which says "curiouser and curiouser"

QueenieJelly said...

The Miss Selfridge ones are lovely, but they've been well publicised. I thought I'd give some lesser known ones a shout out :)

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