Saturday, 20 March 2010

Shoes by Melissa? They must be good!

Buying shoes is difficult for me; so many beautiful designs, and so many I can't wear. For one thing, I can't walk in heels over two inches (how boring!), and for a second I'm vegetarian (no leather or suede, thanks!).  So I'm always on the look out for flat-ish shoes that look great, and are kind to our four-legged friends.

One day, whilst reading a magazine, I happened across an article about a shoe brand called Melissa. As that's my name too, I took the time to read it, and I was so glad I did! Melissa Plastic Dreams make shoes from recycled plastic, creating ecologically sound footwear, whilst also supporting the underprivileged women and children of Brazil. Check out Melissa's profile for more information on their work.

They have a vast array of gorgeous styles, available in shops and across the web. Here are a few of my favourites...

I've been wearing these flocked brogues an awful lot. They seem to go with jeans, trousers, skirts, dresses, shorts...everything! They have a very British Mod feel to them, and make me want to go and buy a bowler hat! Well worth the £65 from

I love the print inside these 'Little Prince' sandals, which really adds to the "grown up little girl" aesthetic. And you can wear them with pretty much anything! Get them for £60 at
These Campana sandals are destined to become my summer staple. They remind me of sparkly Curly Wurlys! Also in gold glitter or black, priced £50 from
If I had the cash, these 'Ultragirl' Swarovski pumps would be ultimate evening shoe. My inner Magpie is cawing with desire! Alas, these are available for £200 from, so I need to do a bit of saving up!

Melissa have also collaborated with one of my all-time favourite designers, the magnificent Vivienne Westwood!

I adore these little ankle boot/wellies, which are perfect for this time of year. The colour is beautiful too! Though they also come in black and red. These are £75 from

Of course, if I could wear any of Melissa's shoes it would be these (£110 from

But I'm more than happy to stick with their gorgeous flats for now!


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